Walkout on the 14th

On March fourteenth, one month after the Stoneman Douglas shooting, there will be a student-run and organized walkout calling for gun control. The walkout has been organized within the broader national movement which falls under the Women’s march youth empower network and several schools in surrounding communities will also be involved in similar protests. The event has been organized mainly by Seniors Erin Mackey, Grace Capofreddi, Daisey Keilty, Peter Bruning and Davis Van Inwegen, and is not endorsed by the school or the school administration. The organizers have been in contact with other school organizations as well such as Activism Club and the Student Government.The organizers have met with the administration to address safety concerns and make sure that the Walkout is done in a way that will not instigate violence or alienate dissenters. It is important to note that this is not a school-sponsored event. The school has not and will not provide any equipment or support in running the walkout; it is student-run.

All current plans are not set in stone, but the walkout is planned to occur directly after the 2nd bell, and students will congregate outside. The tentative location will be outside in the main lobby. It will be in the general area were students congregate during a fire drill, but the students will center around the flagpole and only spread out when it is necessary. After students regroup there will be an introduction and series of speakers which will be projected from speakers provided by Chloe Kovel and Nick Owen. The crowd will see the speakers standing on Peter Bruning’s truck. The tentative schedule has the walkout beginning with a brief introduction which will touch on the overall purpose, there will then a moment of silence for the victims of the Stoneman Douglas shooting. After that, there will be a quick debrief on the subject of the NRA and then several students will give speeches. All student speeches will be submitted before the event. One can submit a speech through a google form which is available on the Facebook event which is called “Concord Carlisle School Walkout“. If a student does not have a Facebook and wants to submit a speech, they can email Erin Mackey or Grace Capofreddi on their school emails (both of their YOGs are 18), or can simply fill out the link below. The student speeches which are given will be read by and chosen by the student organizers. They are aiming to have a variety of perspectives in terms of both grade level and point of view (all speeches will still advocate for some form of gun control). A diversity of opinion within the broader gun control debate is an incredibly important factor for the organizers in choosing the speeches, and those addresses will everything from the general issue to how it affects the school. As we get closer to the date of the walkout, student organizers may ask for speeches on certain issues or from certain perspectives that they want to include. The speeches will be run by Mr.Mustrullo, as to check for any inflammatory langue, but he will not be choosing which speeches are being read.  After the speeches students will return to 3rd period. Overall the event is expected to run for about 30 minutes. The schedule and logistics are all tentative and subject to change, so stay tuned for announcements on the facebook event if you are interested.

Preceding the walk out the t-shirts will be sold after school in support. All funds generated will be donated to a gun control lobbying group. They are also looking into running voter registration either the entire week following the protestor during it.

The organizers plan for students to take photos for the sake of press and supporting the overall movement; however, due safety concerns, outside members of the community, and therefore reporters, will not be allowed at the event.

It is incredibly important to the organizers and the overall event that students are not peer-pressured to participate, and that they will not face alienation if they choose not to participate. No student will be forced to participate and the administration is working on where students who do not participate should go, but their current position is that it would be an open campus type situation.

The walkout is and will be political. It will be advocating for gun control, and even though the organizers are not advocating for any type of inflammatory langue, they are not compromising on the message. The protest will not advocate for any specific party, but it will be political. It is important to remember that even though the walkout is planning to pay its respects to the victims of the shooting, the walkout is not simply at 17+ minute memorial.

On March 14th large numbers of CCHS students will walk out and protest. So far on the Facebook page, 292 students have said they are going and 150 have said they are interested. That number is only expected to grow. The protest is about gun control and will be advocating for gun control.

For more information, you can email or Facebook message Grace or Erin.



Link to the google form for speeches: