Voices in the Atrium: Surprise Four-Day Weekend

With our recent few snow days, students here at CC found themselves with a surprise four-day weekend. With tons of new snow and midyears right around the corner, we had several fun options for what to do with our time. We asked fellow students how they spent their suddenly-acquired long weekend:



“Well, we’re a part of CCSD and on Sunday we have a swim meet in Wayland. It was pretty cold, but fun to be with our team after a few days off.”

Juliet Taylor ’19 and Maisie Spofford ’20


Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 3.18.23 PM

“I studied for midterms and had fun with my friends and family.”

Ravin Nanda ’19



“I studied, watched TV, and ate really good tomato soup.”

Sarah Lindner ’19

“I studied, watched TV, and ate really good taco soup.”

Laura Pohl ’19



“I wrote my 10 page English essay, a physics lab, and watched some movies.”

Daisy Kielty ’18

“I colored in a coloring book!”

Mariya Shtiliyanova ’18


No matter what you did over this 4-day break, we hope it has left you feeling refreshed and ready to go for midterm season!