Voices in the Atrium: Summer Plans

With less than a week left until the end of school, many people choose to look past the looming shadow of finals and see the light of summer vacation. Whether you’re just hanging around Concord or jetting off to some exotic land like Wyoming, the writers at the Voice wish you a happy and fun summer! Today, we went around and interrupted the studying of many fellow students and asked “what are you looking forward to this summer?”


Grace O’Neill, ’19

“I’ll be a camp counselor, that’ll be fun!”


Kate McNally, ’18

“I’m super excited for pre-college!!”


Shannon Curley, ’19

“A stress free summer!”


Francesa Giragos, ’20

“I’m looking forward to being a camp counselor and all the fun that comes with that!”



Adair Olney, ’19

“I’m excited to go to Wyoming!”

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Willa Blake ’18 (left)

“I’m looking forward to various travels around New England.”

Joey Loprete ’18 (middle)

“I want to fit in as much activity time per day as possible, balanced with job time.”

Charles Wang ’18 (right)

“I’m doing an environmental project in China with a student group.”


Photo credits Iris Chen