Voices in the Atrium: Spring Break Plans

It’s time for another Spring, and fortunately, another break!  We all survived March and now it’s time to look forward to Spring break.  Got any plans?  Some of your fellow students are pondering theirs.





Anisha Chopra ’17: I probably will do some art.  And some writing.  Oh!  And I want to finish watching this television series.  It’s Indian and it’s really good.  And I’ll probably do some cooking…in the kitchen.

That sounds like a pretty fun and relaxing time, and productive enough to say you did something over break.



Kayla Beyer ’17: I’m going out West to Las Vegas!

I wish I could say I was invited.  I just put “visiting Las Vegas” a little higher on my bucket list.





Margrit Rindlisbacher ’17: I’m going on the Italy trip, so I’ll be partying it up with some Roman ruins, dead Emperors, and the Pope.

Wow!  Some of my favorite things.  Sounds like an amazing experience!



Mr. Close: I am going to Sharon, MA to an archive.  That’s so boring.  Let’s say I’m going grocery shopping.

Well, grocery shopping certainly does sound a lot more exciting.  Unfortunately, I think many of us share this plan in common.  I am intrigued about the archive though.



Me: I guess since I am not doing any of the above…except for maybe grocery shopping, cooking, and watching TV, I should probably come up with something to do.  Oh!  I might be an extra in the Daddy’s Home 2 movie.  And I am going to Rhode Island to visit my college and to spend time with my family at the ocean.  Hopefully, there’s some nice weather in store for us, especially for all those who are playing sports over break.

Overall, it doesn’t matter if you are going to Las Vegas, hanging out with Will Ferrell or the Pope, or working on a history project; I hope you have a fantastic break!!!