Top Five Off-Campus Lunches

With the amount of pure #hype my last lunch ranking article produced, I decided to further flex my journalistic abilities and take on the best lunches beyond the hallowed grounds of CCHS. These lunches are ranked based on three metrics: convenience, value, and most importantly, deliciousness. Without further ado, here they are:

#5. Chipotle Beef Burrito, With Pinto Beans, Normal Salsa, and NO Guac:


Convenience: 1.5/5

Value: 2/5

Deliciousness: 4.5/5

We start off with a controversial choice. While many students think Chipotle is the ultimate lunch, I must disagree. That being said, it still made the list ahead of many other worthy lunches. The main issues with Chipotle are convenience and value. As it is relatively far away, being in Bedford and sometimes involves a lengthy wait in a line, it takes almost the whole block to get the food and travel to and back. Since the whole point of getting off campus food is to stunt on the haterz, this is relatively inconvenient. Combined with the fact that you can’t eat a burrito while driving (not safely), Chipotle gains a low convenience score (without taking double lunch blocks into account). The value is also an issue, as it is relatively expensive. Although it is very filling it has the most overpriced add on in food history: guac. If those corporate swines think I’m gonna shell out like two dollars for this glorified condiment, then think again. The thing that lands Chipotle on the list is the fact that it is some gooooood stuff, like really good. If someone gives me Chipotle with no effort or costs on my part, then it’s probably the second best thing on this list. It provides a pleasant trip to Latin America in your mouth right here in Middlesex County.


#4. Sorrento’s Tortellini Pizza Slice:

Convenience: 5/5

Value: 3/5

Deliciousness: 2/5


This one is tricky as Sorrento’s is definitely the most iconic off campus lunches, but this is only really due to its unparalleled convenience. Sorrento combines proximity with parking and is the go-to for most CCHS students. But its faults lie within the value and the actual food. The most standard order at Sorrento’s is a “slice” of pizza, which is really two slices and pretty reasonably priced. However, one of these is never enough to satisfy my monstrous hunger so I need two. Combine this with a drink and it now costs about ten dollars, not great. The big issue is deliciousness, as it is definitely the weakest food on this list. Anyone who has been to NYC, New Haven, or even the North End can attest much better pizza exists in abundance. In conclusion Sorrento’s is where you go when you want an easy off campus lunch, which speaks to its strengths and weaknesses.


#3. New London’s Chicken Bacon Ranch Sub

Convenience: 4/5

Value: 3.5/5

Deliciousness: 4/5


This is a lesser known item at what is often referred to as the “cheaper Sorrento’s”. However, it is both cheaper and better then a slice at Sorrento’s and only pales in convenience due to its limited parking situation. If you are able to grab a spot out front, then you are in for a treat. Everyone loves chicken, bacon, and ranch, and when you put them together in a sub you get pure goodness. There are no glaring issues with this meal, as it is one of the most solid all around lunches you can get as a CC student.


#2. Country Kitchen Superclub:

Convenience: 4/5

Value: 4/5

Deliciousness: 4.5/5


Anyone who only goes to Country Kitchen to get Mac and cheese on Thursdays is a fool, as almost every one of their normal sandwiches is superior. Here I chose the super club, which includes their famous turkey AND ham, bacon, mayo, three pieces of bread, and all the other fixings you desire. Convenience here takes a hit due to their cash only policy, as I am unable to use my credit card here, but parking and location are second to none. The value is also pretty good, as you get a huge sandwich and a drink for under ten dollars. This is not a normal sandwich, but one made with love and the finest ingredients around. It is one of the most iconic meals in all of Concord, and is only beaten by the greatest thing ever.


#1. McDonald’s McPick 2 with Quarter Pounder and 10 Piece Nuggets, Fries, and a Shake

Convenience: irrelevant

Value: So good



Undisputed. Greatest. Lunch. Ever. I close my eyes and dream of it every day. So good, so cheap, so easy to eat. Nothing causes envy like a bag full of McDank’s. Sipping a milkshake in your F Block class is the greatest feeling ever, and you truly feel like a #BigBaller. Combined with the navy prices it makes the best lunch in the world, at least for a student on a budget.