Top Five McDonald’s Items

We back and you know it. After a one week hiatus, I have returned to keep the top fives coming. A recent epidemic has swept over many of my friends: McDonald’s. What started as a harmless vice has turned into a dangerous addiction after I introduced it to many of them. Now I hear stories of them searching for a 24 hour McDonald’s at 1am after a Celtics game! People just can’t stay away from the Golden Arches, and because of that I’m gonna help them out and rank the top five items on the menu. Note: this list is not going to go into things like fries and ice cream products, as frankly that would be too much work.

5. Big Mac: A classic item that many would rank higher, the Big Mac is good, but there are better options. The price was kind of an issue before it was added to the fabled McPick 2 for $5, but that promotion is over. While the Big Mac is definitely delicious, the three bun system is really hard to eat, and paired with the sauce it kind of just slips around and leaves you with bites of bun only, and bites of patty only. While the Big Mac is a rite of passage for any McDank’s fan, it is merely a gateway drug to the vast array of option beyond it.


4. Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich: I recently discovered this and I’m sure glad that I did. This is clearly a higher quality sandwich than the cheaper McChicken, as it has better condiments and chicken along with a killer bun. This sandwich could easily pass in many more upscale restaurants such as Chili’s. The bun is a major factor, and is vastly superior to what is found on most sandwiches. The astonishing thing about this is how it isn’t even the best item on the menu with “Buttermilk Chicken”.


3. Double Quarter Pounder: THIS is the best burger on the menu. It isn’t only easier to eat than the Big Mac, but is also better AND cheaper. It was also a part of the $5 McPick 2 (R.I.P.). This is just a classic burger, and goes down easily. There isn’t much to say about this except for that it’s an icon of American culture and some pretty good eats as well.


2. Chicken McNuggets: The former king should not be slept on. Among friends there is a classic question of who can eat the most ‘nugs, and it is a prestigious title to hold. These are crispy and delicious, especially when paired with some of McDonald’s booming sauces (ranch and honey mustard are my favorite). Another big plus is how cheap these are, as you can get a pretty enormous portion of ‘nugs with a relatively small amount of cash.


  1. Buttermilk Chicken Crispy Tenders: When these were announced they were paired with a promotion event which included the limited release of some special sauces, including the fabled Szechuan Sauce from Rick and Morty (WARNING! This show is for people with a high IQ only!). Long story short the sauce fiasco was a disaster for McDonald’s, but these tenders have quickly become the king of hill. With or without sauce the tenders are unbelievably good, and I often stay up at night just thinking about taking a bite, or two. Even the most unlikely of people have become hooked on these tenders, turning doubters into believers at every turn. Another big plus is the packaging, as they have a pouch in the box that you can put your sauces into! If that’s not deserving of the top spot, then I don’t know what is.Unknown-4