The Senior Voice Editors in 2040

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 7.56.24 PMIt is 2040, and the senior Voice editors have found great success in their fields. Nothing has ever quite lived up, though, to the excitement and joy they experienced while on the Voice staff. We hope they come back and visit us soon! We’ve been waiting 23 years…

Namita Chandra, Managing Editor is now a world-famous stand-up comedian, with her own HBO special. She also owns a karaoke club, where she insists on performing at least once each night.

Ruthie Block, Technical Editor is a feminist activist and fashion icon, widely known on the blogosphere. She has a successful soup business on the side.

Fiona MacKenzie, Features Editor is a nurse and an animal-lover. She teaches yoga to both her patients and pets.

Gabrielle Wilson, Lifestyle Editor is a motivational speaker and (gentle) fashion critic. She also runs a country music record label.

Claire Dettelbach, Managing Editor is an English professor and fencing coach. She frequently and passionately defends the barely-hanging-on humanities in the New York Times and the Boston Globe.

Grace Pacelle, Managing Editor is an environmental lawyer, who recently took mankind to court for their treatment of Earth– and won! In her free time, she writes detective novels.

Zoe Dettelbach, Managing Editor has won Pulitzer prizes in both fiction and nonfiction. When she isn’t writing, she reads up on legal history and grammatical debates.

Ever since their departure, these editors have been sorely missed. Room 242 has been designated as a memorial to commemorate their intelligence, vivacity and journalistic excellence.