Teacher Prom Was a Hit


While CCHS was having a bomb time at prom this weekend, the teachers that weren’t stuck chaperoning a bunch of high schoolers had their own fun. Right across the block, at the location of last year’s prom (Park Plaza), the teachers had their own prom! You may be wondering why you hadn’t heard about it earlier, or why you didn’t see teachers asking each other, or why you hadn’t caught a glimpse of the teacher version of the Prom Dress group on Facebook. My answer to that is that teachers have secret lives.

So while we were all running around trying to make our prom day perfect, the teachers were doing the same. The venue, Park Plaza, was perfect for the classy affair known as Teacher Prom. Apparently, their prom ran out of vegetarian options and everyone was forced to have the chicken meal: the opposite problem of what happened to us! Other than the food mishap, the prom ran smoothly.

Principal Mastrullo said he “had a great time” at teacher prom. He had to stop by the student prom to make sure things were running smoothly, but as soon as he could he went back to his own prom. Ms. Bruno did the same, telling me that the “walk from student prom to teacher prom was the most exciting part of [her] life” because she was “so amped.”

I stopped by the English office to interview Ms. Brown, who, rumor has it, had a great time at Teacher Prom. She confessed to me that “this was [her] first prom” and she was so happy she had a great time. Her friend, Ms. Raber (beloved Newspaper leader) also attended prom. Both of them were happy with the event and said they had a fun time, and even got ready together!

Ms. Ravalese said prom was “okay”, but she thought the limo she took was the best part of the night. She shared the bus with Ms. Cohane, Mr. Hoblitzelle, Mr. Savage, and Officer Scott, all of whom had a great time.

Mr. Feng and Mr. Pohl wanted to organize a World Language carpool to prom, where they would play music from around the world. Unfortunately, the department didn’t get it organized in time, so Mr. Feng and Mr. Pohl had their parents drive them to prom, which is not lame when you’re a teacher.

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