Summer Job Recap: Abby Scheinberg

After writing about my summer internship, it got me wondering about the diverse, different summer jobs that my classmates held. Sadly, the memories of summer are slowly fading away, but I thought it would be a good idea to continue the summer spirit and explore different summer jobs of CC students.

Talking to Abby Scheinberg about her summer job, I discovered that she worked as a counselor at Camp Sewataro, a day camp in Sudbury, MA. Her job entailed teaching kids how to swim and sitting with them during lunch. She had a very special connection with the children, and knew how to manage them without much trouble.

The biggest challenge that she faced was figuring out how to deal with the emotions of the campers during the summer. She had to find ways to tailor her teaching style to fit all the campers, because each camper is different and has a different way of being dealt with. For example, some do better with positive reinforcement, others learn better by realizing why their actions were wrong and how to fix them. Others need just a little bit of punishment to realize that their actions were not okay. For example, some of the campers were making fun of a young boy with disabilities. Abby was not expecting to deal with it, but hearing about it, she handled it very well. Because of an issue of this importance, she had to take the children to the side, explain what they did was wrong, and make sure that the young boy was okay. It was considered a severe issue because this was a form of bullying, so she had to call the parents and inform them of the incident. I personally believe that she handled the situation with great poise and maturity.

She said the largest takeaway from this summer experience was learning how to be patient with the students. She was teaching all different kind of students with different learning strategies was challenging for her, but she persevered and discovered what kind of working styles worked for which students.