Spring has sprung… What now?

You have awakened from your dark and chilly winter slumber to the first warm day since October. It is 80 degrees outside and you are now frantically scouring your closets to find that tank top and that pair of shorts that you haven’t worn in 8 months. What now? Your options for the weekend are no longer either cuddling up with a quilt in your room watching Netflix and shivering or digging your car out of a snow bank. The world is your oyster; flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and ice cream stores are opening. When you actually desire the outdoors, the options for possible activities can be overwhelming. In Massachusetts, there is an abundance of outdoor activities. Here, I will help you narrow down the bible sized list of options.

If you are looking to give in to your sweet tooth, look no further. Kimball Farms in Carlisle, MA just opened for its spring-summer season this past Thursday. Kimball farms is notorious for its infant-sized ice cream cones and its farm animals. The ice cream is thick and flavorful and a perfect way to sweeten a spring weekend.

Carlisle. KimballFarmsIceCream. RLN_0127

Kimball Farms in Carlisle, MA

While we are on the topic of Kimballs, there is another, bigger, and even more fun filled Kimball Farms in Westford, MA. There, you can not only enjoy a delectable ice cream cone, you can also zoom around in a bumper boat or dominate a miniature golf course. If you are feeling extra golfy, there is a driving range where anyone can go and swing away to their heart’s content. Not to mention, there is an arcade with a caboodle of fun games to play. Overall, if you are looking for something to suit your fancy during these warm coming weekends, Kimballs is where it’s at.


Kimball Farms in Westford, Ma

If you are looking for a more wholesome, into-the-wild kind of activity, Mt. Monadnock is a challenging, yet rewarding hike in New Hampshire. It is right near the border of Massachusetts, so the drive is quite doable. Hiking is a perfect combination of exercise and pleasure, things that are rarely correlated. The bulk of the hike is at a slight up hill angle, however, near the top it becomes more of a climb. The view from the top makes up for the exertion of energy. At the top, there are flat rocks that one can easily spread out a picnic blanket on and have a snack. I would recommend a cheese platter and perhaps some red grapes.


Mt. Monadnock


View from Mt. Monadnock









Ultimately, the best thing you can do to induce your spring fever is to get outside. It has been a long and unpredictable winter, and now it is time to relax. Get some vitamin D, walk your dog, do your homework outside and live a little.