S***, C***, F***, and other words I’m not allowed to say

In the past, our school has performed several controversial winter musicals, such as The Producers and A Little Night Music.  We have displayed sex scenes, cross-dressing, and even swastikas to entertain the audience. Compared to past years, this winter’s musical A Chorus Line is tame. But this year, as a preventative measure to avoid conflict and parental outcries, all potentially salacious references to female sexual anatomy is censored. While “tits and ass” becomes “this and that,”  other phrases in the show that make reference to “boners,” premature ejaculation, and rampant male sexuality are condoned. The show also keeps intact language like that represented by asterisks in the headlines.  While these changes may be intended to prevent the blatant objectification of women, they have an unsettling undertone of sexism. This censorship not only implicates that women should be ashamed of  their bodies, but glorifies public displays of male sexuality.  We cannot take on the chauvinistic view that women need to be protected from the eyes of men, but not vice versa.

I am not a fan of this censorship.

I say let the people have their tits and ass.