Opinion: Parking Pass Problems

Unsurprisingly, the issue of parking is a controversial one at CCHS for another year. Ever since construction began on our new beautiful school, there has been a severe shortage of parking spots for students at the school, causing a variety of problems for students.

Due to the limited number of passes available, juniors and pass-less seniors are forced to arrive at school as much as an hour early to find a spot on “the hill” or in front of the Bedee Center. This is quite counterintuitive, as the school has been stressing a good night’s sleep for a few years now, even moving back the start time.

Another issue is the enforcement of parking passes in the student lot, as it is very possible for those without passes to park in the lot with little or most likely no repercussions. This causes a system where someone who has paid for a pass and has A-block off could be left without a spot, due to someone unjustly taking a spot in the lot.

As a response to the issue of limited spots, the administration has decided to convert 13 faculty spots in the main lot to student spots, so an additional 13 faculty will have to park in the upper turf lot.

The cost of passes is another hot topic, as they cost a staggering $300 per car, as the school possibly assumes parents will pay for passes. This is false, as many students must pay for passes themselves, and $300 is no small fee for any high school student, especially a senior saving up for college. It becomes even more upsetting when compared to the prices of passes for nearby schools, as few schools have prices which exceed $100, and some only demand a deposit which is usually given back at the end of the year.

Distribution was another issue this year, as many felt it was unfair. This was due to the fact that passes went on sale at 3:00 pm and sold out very quickly, making it almost impossible for student athletes to obtain a pass without a parent ordering it for them.