Movie Review: Divide in Concord

Last Friday evening, Concord townspeople gathered in the place where it all began.  Or at least where the talk about the divisive article to ban the sale of single serve plastic water bottles began.  However, contentious debate and hard feelings had no place this time, where community members sat together to watch the Concord premiere of Divide in Concord, the documentary following the events of the revolutionary water bottle ban in Concord.MV5BNDg5MjAyMjc4MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwOTQ3MjMwMjE@._V1_SY317_CR0,0,214,317_AL_

Although I may be biased from the excitement of having a movie made about a controversial issue in my own town, I found this movie to be truly scintillating.  Throughout the film, the director drew comparisons between Concord’s rich history and Concord’s revolutionary movement away from destructive products, such as disposable water bottles.  The film begins and ends with a picturesque scene of a minuteman playing a fife in a canoe at Walden Pond, but in between is a fascinating study of local politics and the chaos of democracy.

Particularly impressive was the deep investigation included in this film.  Director Kris Kaczor does not just rely on town meeting footage for this documentary.  He supplements it with numerous interviews, shots of various town events and turning points within the story, and lots of film chronicling the supporters and opposers of the ban.  Kaczor also includes interesting footage from private meetings of local environmental activists.  Featured locals include Jill Appel and Jean Hill, both proponents of the ban, and Adrianna Cohen, a local media personality who strongly opposed the ban.

Kaczor uses his expansive footage in a most effective way through his well-crafted cinematography and focus on specific characters, allowing viewers to fully engage thoroughly in the documentary and connect with featured people.  Although this movie is alleged to bUnknowne biased towards the ban, I think it is a must see for all Concordians and others who are interested in the pressing issues of our time.

The film is currently on the film festival cycle, and then will be shown at local theaters, but will be released to Netflix in a few months.  For more information, visit Divide and Concord‘s website at:

Wait patiently for Divide in Concord’s theatre or Netflix debut, it is sure to be a thrill!