June Academy Adds Course: “Mastrullo 101”


The new CCHS June Academy program, also known as Q5 (Quarter Five), has recently added a course to its long and diverse list of offerings. The new course is titled “Mastrullo 101,” and the curriculum will include detailed and comprehensive studies of the life and history of CCHS Principal Michael Mastrullo. As a sneak-peek into the class, the school has disclosed that a large portion of the syllabus will be an in-depth review of Mr. Mastrullo’s baseball career. There will be three sections of “Mastrullo 101”: CP, Honors, and AP. Students who opt to take the rigorous “AP Mastrullo 101” class will conclude their studies with the AP exam, which will take place significantly later than the May AP exams because of the timing of June Academy. If students receive a high enough score most US colleges will exempt them from the generally required “Mastrullo 101” course for college freshmen, which has been recently added as a distribution requirement by many schools. The CCHS administration is currently interviewing candidates to teach the “AP Mastrullo 101” course; the process includes extensive review of applicants’ credentials to ensure that students are prepared for the AP exam. The course is expected to fill up quickly, so, if you’re interested in this exciting new opportunity, make sure to secure your spot when sign-ups start in the fall.

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