It(2017) Movie Review

It (2017) Movie Review

You may already know this, but I am personally not a huge fan of the 1990 It miniseries. The first half is fine, but the second half is terrible. Even the director doesn’t like the second half. So now we get to see It adapted into a film. The film received the most views for a trailer in the first 24 hours, so expectations were high.

Well, I thought this movie was great. For anyone hoping for a terrifying movie about a clown, you’re not going to get exactly what you want. This is way more than just a clown; Pennywise is just one of the many forms that it takes to terrorize its victims. I thought that was great, because Pennywise is not in this movie as much than you’d think. It is in this more than Pennywise. This also is not your standard horror movie flick like, say, Annabelle Creation. This movie is focused on the kids and what they’re afraid of, and it doesn’t spend too much time with each character unless it has something directly to do with their fear. And you don’t necessarily learn much about what the kids’ home lives are about unless their home lives has something to do with their fear.

The kids are all amazing in this movie. My favorite character was Richie, played by Finn Wolfhard, who has proven himself to be a great actor (he played Mike in Stranger Things). Richie probably had the best lines in this movie. There’s also the character of Henry, one of the bullies. I really liked his character and how he was developed, but then he just disappears and no one talks about him again. Finally there’s one of Henry’s friends who goes missing(sorry that’s a small spoiler, although they mention it a little bit in the trailers) and he they never really mention him again. The bullies don’t even talk about him either. The actor playing another kid, Mike, isn’t bad, it’s just his character doesn’t offer anything much to the story.

But it all comes down to Pennywise and if he’s good. I think he’s really good; Bill Skarsgard wanted to do a different take on Pennywise and I have to respect him for that. All the makeup and CGI for Pennywise really brought him into the year 2017 and it was quite satisfying in the end.

I didn’t necessarily find this movie “scary”; it was more disturbing than scary and a film you’ll need to watch multiple times to really understand what the movie is actually about. Because when you think more and more about It, you start to really appreciate the movie for what it actually is. Also, we finally get to see Georgie get mauled by Pennywise which was also very satisfying at the end. In the end It was great, one of the best of the year.

Grade: 8/10