It (1990) Movie Review

With the new 2017 film It out now, I think it’s good to talk about the original movie, I mean the 4-hour-long miniseries made for TV. This 1990 miniseries for some reason so many people are scared of. I personally do not think that this movie is any good. First of let me say this. Clowns do not scare me, so I sat through it with basically with no problem or sweat. That’s not good. First of all this movie is 4 hours long with the same old scares that aren’t even scary, they’re just funny. Not to mention the editing. Now a lot people like this kind of thing and it is how it was told in Stephen King’s novel. But this is a TV miniseries that was just put together into one, with tons of fades to black whenever there’s a commercial in the actual miniseries.

This movie is also quite boring. I actually fell asleep during this miniseries and when I woke up I was first of all mad that I fell asleep and also that meant I had to go back and re-watch the 45 minutes I fell asleep for. Just to be disappointed that nothing even happened! And that I still had another hour and a half left of the movie. So in the end It(1990), personally for me is not a great movie. Sure the performances by the kids are great, and I’ll admit there are a few good scares in this 4 hour long miniseries and the first half there is enjoyment to be had, but it all in all levels out to be just a mediocre experience.

Grade: 4/10