Hockey+Basketball Preview

Boys’ Hockey:
Seemingly always a team on the rise, the CC boys’ hockey team, otherwise known as CC pPuck, should have their strongest year since 2014 when they made the state title game. Most of the key players of the team are returning, including second year captains Henry Nelson and Owen Bailey. On top of that the team only lost one key senior in Tim Richardson and should be looking for their first playoff berth since then.

Projected Record: 13-7
Projected starters:

Left-Wing : Charlie Cook
Center: Owen Bailey
Right-Wing: Jack Perkins
Left Defense: Henry Nelson
Right Defense: Henry Beguelin
Goalie: Aidan Campbell

Girls’ Hockey:
A consistent playoff team, the CC girls hockey team will once gain look to make the playoffs. Led by senior captain Rosie Braceras and junior Lily Langrid, they have a young squad full of many juniors and will look to build on the fly and generate experience.

Projected Record: 11-9
Projected Starters:

Left-wing: Rosie Braceras
Center: Lily Langrind
Right-wing: Skylar Rice
Left Defense: Mckenzie Campbell
Right Defense: Sarah Webster
Goalie: Daphnee Kalogeropolous

Boys’ Basketball: A perennial contender, the CCHS boy’s basketball team is coming off their fourth straight DCL title, but has a very young team with only three seniors on the squad. They will look to continue the tradition of excellence but will need some time to form an identity; however, they should be in the playoff conversation.

Projected record: 12-8
Projected starters:

Guard: George Howes
Guard: Josh Bohn
Guard: Matt Moreau
Forward: Ben Kacher
Center: Jacob Dudley

Girls’ Basketball: A team that is on the rise. After only two wins in their last two years, the CCHS girls basketball team’s hopes are beginning to look up. Their seemingly young team from the past two years has matured and is very talented and experienced, and rumor has it there are a couple of freshman who can make an impact on the team.

Projected Record: 10-10
Starting Lineup:

Guard: Catherine Kingman
Guard: Katherine O’Connor
Forward: Danielle Vasiliadas
Forward: Hope Lefverbe
Forward: Jillian Chelton