Every Pixar Movie Ranked

Pixar is probably the best animation company working today. Almost all of their movies have been fantastic, and with the release of Coco finally here, why not do a ranking of all 19 Pixar films? At least that’s what every Youtuber does. Of course this is not an official list; this is just my silly personal opinion and some of these rankings are somewhat biased. I can see a lot of people getting triggered over this list, but as long as we have our own opinions we’ll be fine.


19: The Good Dinosaur: First of all, this movie’s animation of the water and the landscape is stunning, but then you see these weird looking cartoon dinosaurs walking around them and it takes you out of it. Also the story is also very predictable and a message that’s been overused in many other animated movies.


18: Brave: I enjoyed this movie the first and second time I watched it, but this movie doesn’t feel like a Pixar movie. It felt like just another disney princess movie we’ve seen, and except for a few clever and effective twists, this movie falls short on its characters and overall depth to the story.


17: Finding Dory: I really wanted to like this movie. And there is enjoyment to be had but this movie felt like it lost a lot of the stuff that made the first Finding Nemo great. First of all we go to the surface instead of the ocean, and finding Dory isn’t actually the main focus. It’s a subplot. Shouldn’t it be called Finding Dory’s Parents? Just saying.


16: A Bug’s Life: I don’t remember this movie that much so this reviews gonna be quite short. But what I do remember is enjoying this movie for the most part.


15: Cars 2: This is everyone’s worst Pixar movie. And for good reason, but I am a big fan of the Cars movies and despite the problems with the film I own it on blu ray and I still enjoy watching it every now and then if I’m bored. But yes, there are issues like the over-complicated story that doesn’t a ton of sense once you think about it. And also the whole secret agent stuff–that should’ve been removed–and it should have focused on Lightning Mcqueen. But again, I’m a big Cars fan and I still like watching this every now and then.


14: Walle: This is a lot of people’s favorite Pixar movie. I like the movie, it’s pretty good. But I don’t understand all of the praise. Despite a fantastic opening scene, this movie loses its steam later on when they get onto the Axiom. But the message and amazing take on our modern world saves the movie. One more thing, imagine if the whole movie was silent and only had walle as the character, and everything took place on earth. That would’ve been way more effective than what we got.


13: Monsters University: While we probably wanted a sequel to Monsters Inc instead of a prequel, it was still fun to see the characters we loved from the first Monsters Inc back again. I thought this movie was fun, not flawless and definitely doesn’t compare to the higher entries on the list but it’s still a fun watch.


12: Inside Out: Not as amazing as everyone was saying at the time of its release, but it was still a fun watch. But the best part out of this entire movie was the last 10 minutes. Some of the best Pixar stuff I have seen in a long time.


11: Ratatouille: I always get popcorn when I go to the movies, because I’m hungry. But my god, I can’t help but get hungry whenever I watch this movie. Ratatouille is interesting, because I’ve seen it many times but nothing really resonated with me when I first watched it or the other times I watched it. Unlike the higher Pixar movies on the list.


10: Coco: Now we’re getting to the really good pixar movies. This is also the most recent Pixar movie. Coco was great, first of all the animation was stunning. While everyone raves about this one shot in Coco that was completely stunning, what about that shot of the shot glass? That shot I swear was live action. But it wasn’t. Great characters, great story, and stunning animation makes Coco a must see.


9: Cars 3: Biased opinions here, remember. I loved Cars 3, this is by far Pixar’s best animation of all time. Even with the eyes and the mouth on the ultra realistic cars it still fantastic. The story may be predictable. But for me it was extremely nostalgic and just a fun film overall.


8: Monsters Inc: The simple story of monsters hiding in your room becomes an epic story that never seems to go too over the top and is also filled with extremely funny jokes that have me dying laughing every time I watch it.


7:  Finding Nemo: It seems like you can see and discover new things everytime you this movie. From the hilarious characters to the amazing scope of the ocean, it was all spectacular.


6: Toy Story 3: What is so good about Toy Story 3 is that adults can relate to this movie. They can go back to their teenage years and remember what it was like to be a teenager. But aside from that this movie goes dark, which Pixar has never done. It was something I really respect Pixar for doing. Making a PG rated movie that actually has some dark themes to it under the surface. Also this movie has probably the second saddest Pixar scene ever. I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it, but it’s in the last 5 minutes of the film.


5: Toy Story: This was the first computer animated movie ever made, as well as Pixar’s first film ever made. And while the animation doesn’t hold up as well today, the story was genius and fresh and it’s a lot of people’s favorite Pixar movie, and animated movie too. And Toy Story is one of my favorite animated movies of all time.


4: Toy Story 2: This is obviously my favorite Toy Story movie thus far, since there’s a fourth one coming out later in 2018. But for it to be made in 1999 and for the animation to still hold up! That’s pretty good. Also it’s got another extremely sad scene, I’m sure you guys all know what it is.


3: The Incredibles: What an incredible movie. Period.


2: Up: We know Up for it’s first few minutes being probably the most sad and depressing scenes in movie history. The amount of feeling and emotion just in a few minutes is filmmaking perfection. As well as the rest of this film.


1: Cars: This movie is low on almost everyone’s list. Mostly because of its story, but to be honest the story is not bad at all. Sure it’s not Pixar’s best, but Cars is still great! I watched this movie almost every day before and after school. And when I first saw the movie I absolutely loved it and I still absolutely love it to this day. And it will remain my favorite Pixar movie, and one of my all time favorite movies.