Concord-Carlisle Declared Cleanest School in the State

CCHS was declared the cleanest school in the state (good luck at nationals!) this month by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Cleanliness Review Board. The Board voted unanimously, citing “a body of students who are ‘really good at cleaning up’ along with ‘a food culture centered on cleanliness.'” The members of the board members were also impressed with the fact that “there’s absolutely no trash crammed into the sides of those big chairs,” and that there wasn’t “a single Pop-Tart wrapper on the floor anywhere.”

“These students are masters of cleaning up,” said the Chairman of the Board. “Not only is every plate put away in the right place, but students are so responsible that they can eat anywhere in the school.” Spectator and self-declared fan of cleanliness Anita Man was very impressed. “Once, I saw someone leave a plate behind, but at least five or six students immediately swooped in to clean it up,” she said, beaming with sunlight shooting right at her face through the upper windows in the lobby. “Truly, one of the most brilliantly executed cleaning moves of the century.”


An actual photo of a CC classroom

If only the rest of the world could be as clean as students from Concord Carlisle; one can dream.

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