CCHS Gets Sponsored by Chipotle!

Recently, it has become known that Chipotle Mexican Grill will be sponsoring Concord Carlisle High-school for the entirety of the 2017-2018 school year. Chipotle has decided to donate $2.7 million dollars to K-12 schools across the US. These donations and sponsorships were the result of Chipotle’s drastic growth in stocks for the past few months and their vow to uphold promises in their Philanthropy program to the community. CCHS was eligible for this program and has won a sponsorship that offers Chipotle’s menu in school. Essentially, this means that everyone at CCHS will be getting their daily dose of burritos and tacos for the entire school year! In other words, instead of having cafeteria food next year, both students and teachers will be able to indulge on crispy corn tacos, delicious burrito bowls, and tons of guacamole and chips! Now this might make you question how the food will be brought to CCHS. Chipotle has generously offered to deliver the food three times a week, which will save students and staff from having to leave campus in order to get lunch, thus a very big thank you goes out to Chipotle for sponsoring CCHS!


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