CCHS Fundraising for Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma

Written by Jenny Li and Michelle Weng

Recently, the US has been ravaged by the effects of Hurricane Harvey in Texas, the strongest hurricane since 2004, and Hurricane Irma in Florida. The impact of the hurricanes has been extremely large, and has already caused countless health problems including numerous mental health issues such as chronic depression, post traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, and anxiety. People are also experiencing physical health problems, many of which have to do with increased breeding of mosquitoes because of the excess amounts of water. Many people are also suffering from skin diseases due to wading through contaminated water. The people of Texas and Florida will be affected by these hurricanes for months and even years to come, which is why CCHS is fundraising for this cause. Student Government and Student Senate are working together on creating a medical help fundraiser specifically for Hurricane Harvey. They plan on working with Direct Relief, which gives 99.4% of its fundraising money to the cause, sending money for school supplies and medical aid to affected areas.

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The Student Government and Student Senate are working with Penny Wars this upcoming week to raise money to be donated for food, clothing, toys, and healthcare to the people who suffered from the effects of the hurricane. The Penny Wars will be won based off a point system which will be announced during advisory. The goal is to fill up the five jugs (one for each grade and one for faculty), beat the other grades for a final prize, and most importantly raise $5,000 dollars for the cause, which is less than $4 per student! Other clubs and after school groups are fundraising as well. The Activism Club will be fundraising for a charity, the Interact club is creating cookie jars to raise money for Hurricane Harvey, and the Environmental Science club is fundraising for the cause as well. Pathways has already raised $420 and is planning on running a bake sale. One of the main ways Pathways raised money was by grinding, brewing and serving coffee, and the money from this will be donated to Houston Independent High School. Overall, CCHS is proving a lot of support to the people who have been impacted by these two major hurricanes and we hope that every person in the school will contribute for this important cause. hurricane-harvey-rescue-boats-ap-jt-170827_12x5_992