CCHS: A Year in Review

As another year of CCHS comes to its end, we’ll look back at the highlights from our journey that started in September.

Back to School

Principal Mastrullo

Principal Mastrullo

The school year began welcoming our new principal, Mr. Mastrullo. Mr. Mastrullo was an assistant principal at Tyngsboro High School, and then became the principal of Groton-Dunstable Regional High School. Many were surprised to learn about his illustrious baseball career, where he spent two years playing for Cleveland in the minor leagues. His interview with a member of the Voice can be found here.

In addition to Mastrullo, our school welcomed several new faculty members to the CC family, including: Owen Curtin, IT; Ryan Palmer, Chem; Matt Rudmann, Guidance; Holly Haycock, Latin; Jenna Lashley, H&F; Andrew Fall, Chem; Marie Stevens, English; Stephanie Omobono, Math; Jim Truncer, Bio; Sue O’Connor, ELL; Kori Pasternak, Latin; and Amanda Thompson, Earth Science.



The CC Bands, Orchestra, and Chorus sent several students once again to the annual Senior Districts. 30 musicians from CC’s program qualified to perform at the MMEA Eastern Senior District Festival. Several of these students went on to audition and perform at the All-State Festival, an event featuring the best musicians in the state. Zoe Dettelbach ’17’s article on these auditions and festivals can be found here.

Once again, the CCHS Ensembles excelled at MICCA again, the statewide competition between several premier bands. The CC Orchestra won their fourth gold medal in a row, and the Concert Band maintained their long streak of won their 24th gold medal in 25 years. The article on MICCA can be found here.


Source: Concord Journal

Source: Concord Journal

The CCHS Theatre program once again impressed with their performances throughout the year. In the fall, the theatre program performed Much Ado About Nothing, a Sheakesperian comedy. In the winter, the Theatre performed an original titled Wolf’s Bane, which was CC’s twist on The Little Red Riding Hood. Finally, in spring, the theatre presented its annual musical Spamalot. CC’s performance was comedic as intended and extremely well done by the likes of King Arthur (Burke Hutchinson ’18), the Lady of the Lake (Linnea Hubbard Nelson ’17), and Patsy (Ryan Baker ’18).

Schedule Change Proposal:


One of the major stories here in CC was the proposal of the new schedule change that would have created, instead of 8 total blocks (A-H) with 7 meeting a day, 7 total blocks (A-G) with 6 meeting a day. A lunch would be built in to everyone’s schedule, and there would be “X Block” on Wednesdays to do various activities and provide collaboration time for teachers. There were both downfalls and benefits to this change, and ultimately, the faculty voted to keep the schedule the way it is. More information on the proposed schedule and its benefits and downfalls can be found here.


A new CCHS initiative, known as Q5, will begin next year in June 2018. The mission statement of Q5 here at CC is to be “An immersive learning experience leveraging the curiosity, knowledge, and passions of students and faculty to foster complex thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration. Q5 complements our academic program and seeks to inspire students and faculty to pursue shared interests and ideas.” 

Essentially, CC’s academic schedule will wrap up 2 weeks before the school year ends. Then, students will choose from a wide variety of courses in Q5, a two-week learning experience where different CC teachers offer courses of their interest. The courses will be graded on a Pass-Fail system. The Q5 course catalog can be found here, and Principal Mastrullo’s description of the initiative in his principal blog can be found here.

Late Start Time:

After much debate by the CCRS Committee, the proposal for a late start time was ultimately approved. As a result, CCHS’s start time will be 8:00 am next year as opposed to 7:30 am. As of right now, it appears everything will be pushed back this half-hour and will remain in place, meaning school will end at 2:41 pm. An article by Willa Blake ’18 on both the pros and cons of a late start time can be found here.


After a year’s worth of hard work, hundreds of students (and teachers, apparently) took some well-deserved time off to relax at prom on May 20 at Boston Marriott Copley Place. Photos from the professional photographers can be found here (password: cchsprom17).


Source: Concord Journal

Source: Concord Journal

On Saturday June 3rd, CC said goodbye to the Class of 2017, where 302 seniors received their diplomas on the CCHS football field. The graduation ceremony consisted of speeches from Principal Mastrullo, Superintendent Rigby, class president Eliza Davidian ’17, and this year’s graduation speaker Ashley Cohane, a math teacher here in the Rivers program. Chris Ruediger ’17 performed “Humble and Kind” by Tim McGraw. The students then received their diplomas, officially becoming high school graduates to conclude their high school career here at CC. Ms. Raber’s tribute to the graduating senior editors of the CCHS Voice can be found here.



The conclusion of another year means we once again have to bid farewell. Colleen Meaney, one of the Assistant Principals here at CC, will say goodbye at the conclusion of this school year. She grew up in Palmer, Alaska and worked at Souhegan High School before coming here to CC, and has worked here as an assistant principal for four years. We wish her best of luck in her future endeavors.

Diana Rigby, the superintendent here at CC, has decided to move after this school year concludes. She will move to the West Coast to be with her family and take on a similar role in the California area.

As Mastrullo outlined in his speech at graduation ceremony, Rigby has been a huge part of many projects here at CC that have occurred under her supervision, including, most recently, the construction of the new high school. Everyone here at CC wishes Rigby the best of luck as she moves on.

As you can probably tell, this school year was a roller coaster ride highlighted by the adopting of new initiatives, the excelling of several different programs and students here, and the annual prom and graduation. But this year has finally come to an end, and we will see what excitement next year brings us. But for now, remember to study for finals.