CC Mens Basketball makes it to playoffs for the first time in six years!

Our CC Basketball team certainly had a good season this year. With an impressive regular season record of 15-7, they looked to be a power player in the playoffs. This is the first time CC Mens Basketbal has made it to playoffs in six years. The team was ranked seventh seed in their division prior to the playoffs. According to freshman Eric Sellew, “We were conditioning and working on our offense; determination is key.” Confidence in the team was very high, with freshman Austin Hoey saying, “We will not be denied.”

Everyone was extremely excited and focused going into the first playoff game. Senior captain Chris Sellew said, “Woburn is definitely a tough team, but if we play our game we can beat them.” The team’s impressive regular season record bought them a first round home game against Woburn. The squad played their best that night, defeating Woburn (score). Making this feat all the more impressive, Woburn’s population is nearly twice Concord’s. I guess our players just work harder.

The CC team looked to make a deep run this year and they had the personnel to do it. With very tall and highly skilled players (for example, Chris Sellew ’13, Evan Boynton ’13, Alex Sugarman ’13, and Blaine Taylor ’14), the team definitely had enough firepower to challenge the increasingly skilled teams as the tournament progresses. The team also had a very resilient mindset this year; during the regular season, they were 4 for 4 on beating teams that they had previously lost to. This resilient mentality certainly helped them out at the second half of their game against Woburn. Yesterday the team faced off against number two seed North Andover (who previously beat Boston Latin first round), and unfortunately, lost.

Here is a quick look at what to expect next year. The team will graduate all their current captains and starters, meaning that the younger guys will have to step up. There are some pretty good players coming down the line, notably Freshmen Austin Hoey and Eric Sellew. Already, a formidable squad is forming for next year. The team will continue to work hard in the following years. From everyone at CCHS, we congratulate the CCHS Boy’s basketball team on their successful season.  Special thanks to this years seniors; we appreciate your service to this school’s basketball program and you will be greatly missed next year.