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Advice Column: Confessions of a Coffeaholic

hot  coffee

Question: I drink coffee a lot. After drinking a cup I feel good about myself. I am suddenly bubbly and talkative and just generally in a good mood. When I stop drinking coffee my new upbeat personality subsides and I…

Advice Column: the Rare Art of Confidence


The Question: I get very nervous and barely speak around my crush. Any tips for boosting my confidence and getting to know them well enough to ask them to go on a date over the holiday season? Our Answer: First…

Advice Column: First Update


Confrontation is something that many people dread. The idea of being direct with a friend or a loved one about something serious can cause anxiety, and many people choose to avoid it completely. When is it time for confrontation? When…

Coming Soon: The Voice’s Advice Column!


The Voice is excited to introduce its newest special addition: an advice column open to all CCHS students! So, before we get ahead of ourselves… What is an advice column? Ordinarily, an advice column offers thoughtful feedback on stressful or…