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Inside CCHS: Interviews with Teachers and Students

Sarah Girma '20

There are so many people within our community that we don’t even know about! Today, the Voice interviewed a few teachers and students from the community. Talking to Sarah Girma, a freshman in CCHS said that the hardest class that she…

Voices in the Atrium: How Was Break?


As students pour back into school on this Monday after April vacation, the Voice decided to check in with a simple question: “How was your break?!” “Hung around, played video games” -Nick Gallant ’18 “I went to Italy for the…

Senior Year Bucket List


Sixteen days.  That’s all the days of high school seniors have left.  Only three more painful Monday morning wake ups, only thirteen more A blocks spent struggling to stay awake in between sips of Dunkin Donuts.  Less, if you have APs…

The Cost of Prom

May your prom be as magical as this one ;)
courtesy of

The expense of prom is at the expense of us. Prom is a night that students across the country look forward to with eager anticipation. It is, as High School Musical put it, a “night to remember.” But for many,…

My Life with a Smart Phone


Smart phones have several clear appeals: they provide a means of quick and easy communication, instant access to search engines, alerts and reminders, and just about anything one could wish for. The convenience of a smart phone is undeniable, as exhibited by…

Schools Shouldn’t Be Political Battlegrounds


Schools shouldn’t be political battlegrounds. I’m not talking about political debates in schools, but about educational standards themselves. Too often, we see Republicans attacking the Common Core over a flimsy straw-man of states’ rights or Democrats lauding the initiative as…

Pi Day: A Look In the Atrium


Today is March 14th, 2016. Readers may be wondering why today is such a special day, and I invite these people to analyze each number in the date. 3/14/16. 3.14.16. The date, 3.14, resembles the first 3 numbers of the…

Oscars 2016: Red Carpet Review

The 88th Academy Awards had a successful red carpet! Here is a list of hits and misses from last night:                 I hope you enjoyed the Oscars!

Is Hillary Clinton Really That “Electable”?


A word that features quite a bit in political discourse right now (especially that of the Democrats) is “electable.” It is generally used to put down candidates who are thought to have no chance in the general election. In this…

Voices in the Atrium: Who Wins the Super Bowl?

Michael Bonanno '17: "I want Denver to win so Peyton's last year ends with  him winning."

With Super Bowl 50 approaching this Sunday, with the Denver Broncos playing against the Carolina Panthers, we decided to ask fellow students who they thought would win this year’s Super Bowl. Totals: Carolina Panthers: 4 people Denver Broncos: 5 people…