Avoid Boredom This Summer

Finals week is upon us. The dreaded four days in which your physical, emotional, and intellectual skills are put to the test. Blood, sweat and tears will be shed this week as you put every last shred of energy into crawling to the finish line of this long year. Not to fear, diligent student, in one week you will be outside, sun on your face, wind in your hair, and you will have forgotten about that strange building they call school in no time. To help distract you from your studies now, I have compiled a few possible summer activities that you can look forward to after the Scantron-induced torture during this week.


For my fellow outdoorsmen out there, you’re in luck, because Concord, Massachusetts, is a great place to appreciate the foliage and be one with nature. Whether it be hiking, swimming, or biking, there are beautiful places to see behind every corner.

Great meadows is a perfect spot if you are looking for a leisurely summer walk while experiencing some of Concord’s unique wildlife. It is a flat walk that takes you along the Concord River. I would advise that you bring a camera or binoculars so that you can truly appreciate the varied bird population and various rodents.

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If you are looking for a cooler way to experience nature, I recommend renting a canoe or kayak from the south bridge boat house and rowing down the the Sudbury River. Canoeing and kayaking serve as an arm and ab workout and is also a fun way to be close to the water to stay cool. If you are not already convinced, there is a good chance you’ll see an otter or too on your trip and that is certainly worth the drive.

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With the plentiful free time that summer provides, you will find yourself looking for new places for you and your friends to feast. If you have lived here as long as I have, you must know most of the food places and may be sick of them. If so, I will give you the inside scoop– based on my noteworthy and credible opinions –about which Concord restaurants reign supreme.

Saltbox Kitchen, though it is expensive, it’s worth every penny. Their seasonal dishes satisfy cravings that you didn’t even know you had on hot summer days. Drop in and get a an iced cold brew that will not only cool you off, but give you a needed pep in your step. Fair warning though, if you eat one of their double stack burgers, every other burger you eat in your lifetime will be inadequate.

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If you are looking for a cheaper diner-style option, the Club Car Café, located in West Concord, has some of the largest, fluffiest pancakes in Concord. It has a comfortable homey vibe that you will appreciate when you walk in. A single toy train will make a continuous loop on a track near the ceiling, bringing you back to your childhood days when toy trains were a thing. If you are in a more savory mood around lunch times they have sandwiches and pickles galore.

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Events nearby

For any Shakespeare buffs out there, there is an annual Shakespearean play in Boston Common. It is a free performance, usually bustling with intellectuals. If you get there early enough you can get seats near the stage and enjoy the drama and action of this year’s play, Romeo and Juliet. From the Classroom to the Common: William Shakespeare's Original

The MFA currently has an exhibit showcasing the breathtaking works of Matisse, a french artist who used several different textiles to make incredible works of art. The MFA is an air conditioned and accessible destination perfect for hotter mfa2summer days. The exhibit will be open until early July.

I hope you all have a fun-filled summer. Stay cool, kids.