Author: Matt Messina

Voices in the Atrium: Dream Vacation

“I want to go to Australia because they have kangaroo’s” - Margaret Rabbit

“Fiji because it’s pretty neat” - Andrew bates

Since we are approaching the one month mark of the school year, I started thinking about how long ago it seems that summer was and how short it seems. I began to wonder about what place I would like to…

Voices in the Atrium: The New Start Time

"I go to sleep at the same time so I guess I get more sleep" - Cat d'Ambrosio (Junior) (Right)

"I think it gives me more time in the morning, but I feel like there's more traffic" - Renée Ledoux (Junior) (Left)

In case you didn’t know, CCHS implemented a new start time this year in order to help student stress. Instead of school going from 7:30 am – 2:11 pm, CC now starts at 8 and ends at 2:41. We talked…