Alumni Update Article

As the last day of classes for seniors approaches, May 26th, CCHS Voicers have started to think of the end and begin to reflect on the past year. As a senior I have begun to wonder and reflect on my past year. And with my reflection I have begun to wonder about the whereabouts about the beloved members of last year’s Voice team. I am now in the same place they were last year, so I decided to contact them and inquire to them what it was like for them to leave the Voice, and how they were able to move past the fun times we had here.

I started with Rahul Chopra, Class of 2016, a freshmen at UPenn right now. I wasn’t even able to ask my question about the Voice before he started pouring his heart out about how much he misses the Voice.

“The month when I was out of school but the Voice was still going on was the most confusing time of my life,” Rahul says, typing frantically about how much he wishes he were still at Concord-Carlisle High School. After Rahul pours out his emotions, he goes on to tell me that he joined the “Daily Pennsylvanian” at Penn which is a “big corporation” that  “prints every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.” Apparently, it is very elaborate, but I assure you it can’t be better than the Voice.

I then continued with Briana Cohen, also a freshmen, but much closer, at Northeastern. Although she regrets that she “no longer writes an article about food every week,” she recognizes that the Voice helped her establish herself as a writer. She also mentions that because she joined the Voice, her senior year, making it the only club she did in high school, she has learned that clubs are fun and has since joined the “non-competitive rock climbing club” at Northeastern. She is quite enjoying herself, but she, too, misses the Voice.

Rucha Khanolkar and Amanda Xia responded next, both excitedly rambling about how much they missed the Voice. Rucha, a freshman at Northeastern, and Amanda, a freshman at Brandeis, are both doing well at their respective schools. Amanda is a tour guide, and whenever she gives a tours she always mentions the great experiences she had in high school at the Voice. Rucha, too, excitedly mentions that “just the other day someone asked me if I ever wrote for my high school newspaper.” She was happy to respond that “yes, [she] did write for [her] high school newspaper and it was called The Voice.”

And finally, I was able to reach Tia Zhang, freshmen at Georgetown who FaceTimes me in a hurry to inform me how much she wishes she were here, sitting in the room that abuts the atrium, writing for The Voice. She goes on to talk about all the things she has done at Georgetown that were heavily influenced by the Voice. Her ability to write an article every week paved her way to do well in her major in Healthcare Management and Policy, where she does a lot of writing in a very specialized major. Funny thing is that there’s a newspaper at Georgetown called “The Voice,” which Tia strongly considered joining. However, due to schedule conflicts she was unable to fit the club into her lifestyle. Maybe next year!

Wow. How diverse in their interests and lifestyle choices, but yet they still are united by this very newspaper. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with my old Voice peers and I hope that one day they will all come back to visit.