Album Review: Ed Sheeran’s Divide

Known as the British boy and his guitar, the international sensation Ed Sheeran hits the charts in 2017 with surprising sound and his new album Divide. I’ve noticed that there is a trend with his album titles, AdditionMultiply, and Divide. To write the majority of his album, Ed Sheeran got rid of all his electronics and travelled to Africa, Ireland, and other countries to gain inspiration for the songs. To this day, Ed Sheeran continues to use only necessary electronics; his laptop! After travelling for 8 months without a cell phone, he doesn’t see the need for it since his return.

There are 16 songs in the album: “Eraser,” “Castle on the Hill,” “Dive,” “Shape of You,” “Perfect,” “Galway Girl,” “Happier,” “New Man,” “Hearts Don’t Break Around Here,” “What do I Know?”, “How Would You Feel (Paean),” Supermarket Flowers,” “Barcelona,” “Bibia Be Ye Ye,” “Nancy Mulligan,” and “Save Myself.” These are all amazing, original songs, but I personally prefer certain songs more.

At the top of my list, are “Nancy Mulligan” and “Galway Girl.” They were both based off of native Irish beats. No matter what mood you are in, these two songs will make you dance, putting you in a great mood.

The next three songs are the common songs that you hear on the radio. They are: “Castle on the Hill,” “Shape of You,” and his most recent single, “Perfect.” These three songs have a very common beat to it, in comparison to other pop songs that have hit the charts recently.

“New Man,” “What Do I Know,” “Eraser,” “Barcelona,” and “Bibia Be Ye Ye” are all great “bops”. They all have a unique beat that makes the listener happy and want to have a good time.

The last set of songs are quite emotional and sad to be honest: “Dive,” “Happier,” “Hearts Don’t Break Around Here,” “How Would you Feel (Paean),” “Supermarket Flowers,” and “Save Myself.” They are very deep, soulful, thought provoking songs. My favorite out of these is “Supermarket Flowers,” which he wrote about his late grandmother, because it really got me thinking about how much my mother does for me and what a great person she is.

I would highly suggest listening to this album, as it takes you through an enjoyable rollercoaster of emotions. It’s one of his best albums yet!