Month: December 2015

Holiday Movies to Get into the Christmas Spirit


Who else is super excited for Christmas?  I know I am.  But what feeling do you experience a few days later, when Christmas is days in the past, and you have to sit back and experience the long wait until…

Star Wars Mania: the Force Awakens Sets Box Office Records, But Does It Live Up to the Hype?


Ever since Disney acquired the rights to the Star Wars franchise for over $4 billion dollars last year, hardcore fans and casual spectators alike have been anticipating the return of the blockbuster sci-fi film series, with many wondering whether Disney…

Cooking Up Some Holiday Cookies


Take it from a Jewish girl: Christmas is not just for those who celebrate religiously. And because I have no tree, no lights, and no gifts, I have to look elsewhere to get into the holiday spirit. What better way…

Do’s and Don’ts of The Road Test


When you’re 16, one of the most important things in your life is your getting your driver’s license. Driving gives you the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want. Craving a burger? Go get one! Want to see…

How to Wake Up More Easily in the Morning


When you have to wake up so early for school, especially if you live far away from the high school, it is often difficult to get out of your groggy state of mind and feel ready for the day. This grogginess can lead…

GOP and Democratic Debate Analysis


The GOP Debate was less raucous than previous offerings and seemed to pivot towards policy over bluster. While the debate didn’t result in a monumental change in the polls for any candidate, it offered important insight into the view of many…

Briana J. Bigby Memorial Scholarship Event!


Many at CC remember Briana Bigby, a CC graduate who was killed in Boston in 2013.  Briana “had devoted her life to social services organizations,” and as a fitting tribute, her family has established a scholarship fund in her memory.  This…

How to Get Back in the Groove: Life After Break


It’s widely agreed among the student population that the days following winter break are some of the worst all year; you arrive back after over a week of food, family, friends, and, best of all, no school work. Then, you step through…

Voices in the Atrium: Favorite Holiday Tradition

"Putting my dog in a sand costume" - Amanda Xia '16
"Going to Boston and eating at a Chinese restaurant" - Rucha Khanolkar '16

We wanted to get a little insight into the various holiday traditions of students here at CC.  Here’s what they had to say: And for anyone who wants to see that picture of Amanda’s dog in a Santa costume:

2015: A CCHS Year in Review


It’s hard to believe it, but 2015 is already nearing its end. In 2016, seniors will graduate and a new school year will begin, and we are ten days away from the start of the new year. Before we move through…